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The 'Save Big Deals Dot Com' Radio Show is broadcast on Saturday mornings from 8am to 10am on KURY Radio 95.3. Listen to KURY Radio for announcements when we be doing our show. Additionally, throughout the year, the Brookings Big Deals Store offers special savings during special promotions. 

By registering and signing up at the Big Deals store, you will be on our Email list and receive notifications of the dates for our Saturday Broadcasts and our Special Sales!

PHONE NUMBERS: We have two numbers you can use to call the show on Saturday Mornings 1-800-232-5763 or 1-707-464-1000

In addition to the extra discounts, you may have a chance to save even more with the special offers created just for our Saturday morning listeners. 

When you call in to the show, you will be live on the radio. We will ask your name (First name only) and your Pin Number. Your Pin number is assigned to you when you register at the Big Deals Store.

After the radio show is over, we will place your order and you will receive a confirmation email and you will be instructed to go to our Brookings Big Deals store to pay for your order. Once we receive a confirmation your order has been paid (Credit Cards Only), we will print and mail your certificates. Please note: To protect your payment information, you Credit Card Does NOT stay on file.

Pin Number is the number assigned to you when you register at the Brookings Big Deal Store. We use this number to find you in the system when we place your order.

The 'Save Big Deals Dot Com' show is broadcast from our Bicoastal Media Crescent City, CA location. It is hosted by Mike O'Brien, Lane Carpenter, Gloria 'Glo' Bobertz and Larry Timpe

If you have any questions about Big Deals or an order you have placed, please call our Crescent City office during business hours at 1-707-464-9561. 

We hope you get a chance to join us for our next broadcast!

Thanks for using the KURY Radio Brookings Big Deals Store and Thanks for shopping local and supporting our area businesses!